Melissa Ross

Adult Care, Primary Care, & Family Nurse Practitioner, Board Certified Family Nurse Practitioner, Primary Care Provider, Family Practice & Urgent Care & Urgent Care, Family Medicine & Primary Care in Cookeville, Gainesboro, Crossville, Sparta and Baxter, TN

Melissa Ross


Melissa Ross, FNP-BC, is a dedicated family nurse practitioner at Cookeville Medical Clinic RHC. Melissa provides high-quality and comprehensive care to all patients at four offices in Cookeville, Gainesboro, Crossville, and Sparta, Tennessee.

Melissa received her registered nurse (RN) degree in 1996 and her Master’s in Nursing in 2010, both from Western Kentucky University (WKU) in Bowling Green, Kentucky.

An FNP since 2010, she had practiced for nearly 15 years as a registered nurse at Monroe County Medical Center in Tompkinsville, Kentucky. Melissa enjoys and has worked extensively with rural populations.

Later in 2010, she started her nurse practitioner career in Celina, Tennessee, with Dr. Lee Copeland. They worked together until 2019. After a short time at Glasgow Urgent Clinic, Melissa decided she really missed people and primary care. 

Melissa resides in Tompkinsville, Kentucky, with her two children, Samuel and Ellerey. She enjoys running, cooking, and spending time with her children.